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Weight control, depression, pain management

- A patient from acupuncture school

I have been suffering from migraine headache since young age, each time my pain was as often as once a week and was impossible to bear and would last several days. I had sought help from family doctors, occupational therapists, neurologists, and went through all kinds of tests. Nothing worked. Fortunately I found acupuncture from Mr. Zhang that works. Mr. Zhang treated me with his hair thin needles that immediately relieved my pain on my first visit. After about 5 visits, I no longer have severe and frequent headache for over a year now. I can only remember having 2 or three times very minor head discomfort that I can sleep off without any pain-killer medicine in the past year. Acupuncture is the best pain-killer medicine.

I had been needled in China as well as here in USA. There is no doubt for me that Mr. Zhang has updated cutting-edge technologies in this alternative medicine field.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Zhang for his magic needles and his effective treatments. One of my coworkers has seen him once after I told him my experience and he was very satisfied also. 

- Liping Xin from Dublin Ohio

My name is Cason Pratt. I am 37 year old. I do building maintenance and construction. I had lower back pain for most of my adult life. Luckily, about 8 month ago, I found Mr. Zhang. I had visited Mr. Zhang at his acupuncture school clinic. With only three continuously visits and a few needles each time, I was pain free and still good until now.

- Cason Pratt from Hilliard neighborhood

My skin (acnes) had been giving me problems ever since middle school. For many years, I had been trying out different face washes and scrubs, but Mr Zhang solved my problems after a few visits. It was quick and painless, and I would recommend everyone to try him out.

- College student Shelanna Chen from UCLA

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