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One Needle for one Syndrome

This is a common phrase that is used at Remington Zhang’s Acupuncture clinic, and has dual meanings.

1) Every point has its specific target organs and sections of the body through either meridians or nerve connection. In other words, every organ or a specific area of the body has at least one point to control it. Therefore a single needle can treat a single syndrome.

2) Maximizes the efficiency of each treatment with minimal suffering. If one needle can do the work, I will not use two. Of course, multiple syndromes needle multiple needles. For example, some people have LBP, Hip pain, and knee pains simultaneously, in this case, at least three needles are needed. Of course, multiple needles increase effects if needed.

Hand Patch Therapy, Columbus, OH

A short Introduction of Mr. Zhang

Mr. Zhang was born on Nov. 16, 1965 in a small town called Qishan in the Shaanxi province in China. His father studied herbal medicine. His grandfather was one of the earliest acupuncturist his home town after China's red revolution. Mr. Zhang studied Biology, majored in Genetics, at the Wuhan University, and obtained a Master's degree in Biochemistry at The Institute of Biophysics in Beijing. After he came to the USA in 1992, he obtained an additional Master's degree in Biophysics, a PhD In Molecular Biophysics from the Ohio State University, and a Master's level Acupuncture degree from AIAOM in Columbus, Ohio. 

As a scientific researcher in the Bio-medical field for over 25 years, Mr. Zhang gained many accomplishments in this field with over 50 prestigious publications. Mr. Zhang has published two "nature medicine" papers* and made multiple important discoveries in the field of gene therapy. Another "nature medicine" paper in the research focused on heart failure was just submitted. However, as a researcher for behind-the-scene clinical applications, Mr. Zhang became more aware of the challenges outside of his laboratory and wished to enter a field that directly involved patients.

*Vector‐mediated Gene Transfer engenders long‐lived neutralizing activity and protection against SIV infection in monkeys, Nature Medicine, May 17, 2009.

Isolation of HIV‑1 from an AIDS Patient that Preferentially Infects CD8+ T lymphocytes: Evidence of CD8 as Receptor for HIV‑1. Nature Medicine, 7(1), 65-72, 2001

My grandfather, who has has been practicing acupuncture for over 50 years, entrusted a family acupuncture manual to me. This has been accumulated by many generations. It includes some extra-points not listed in ordinary books, and he has been passing down this knowledge and his experiences to me since I was 20 years old.

My Acupuncture Techniques

I listened closely and have retained this ancient knowledge from my grandfather. Unique points and exclusive techniques, perfected by the Zhang family tradition, are my specialities.

I, have built upon this family's tradition and have adopted this system in my own practice. I attended an acupuncture school in the US in 2012 just to get a license in order to meet the legal requirements to operate my skills in the US. I discovered Hand Patch Therapy with regular plant seed. Currently, I have over 10,000 students all over the world. 

The special features of the Mr. Remington Zhang's techniques include: 

  • Powerful effects by using distal points and local points

  • Single needle/needle free techniques - less suffering

  • Most important points on hands and legs - safety

  • Hand Patch Therapy with Plant seeds -no needles

Patients often discover the effects quickly, after their first visit, using the “single needle” technique. This technique involves fewer needles for each treatment, dramatically improving the effectiveness while reducing suffering.

My Acupuncture treatment focuses on selecting points mainly located in 4-limb areas that make safety the first priority. For example, for headaches, I used points on feet; for shoulder pains, I use the points on legs; for neck pains, I use points on hands. For left side problems, I use the points on the right. For right side problems, I use the points on the left.This reflects well the basic idea of traditional Chinese medicine that: for diseases in upper areas, looking for points lower areas; for diseases on the left side, looking for points on right side, for disease in the lower areas, looking for points in the upper areas. Some of these points just like reset buttons for your body, once I hit it, it works.

The hand Patch Therapy uses regular plants seeds as well as some common herbs on hands, which is especially a wonderful choice for people who are afraid of needles. More detailed introduction on Hand Patch Therapy can be found in services page as well as in links.

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