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Welcome to Accurate Acupuncture and Massage By Zhang in Greater Columbus

Faster, Effective, and Professional Service Start Here!

I am focused in providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction using cutting-edge acupuncture techniques.

My goal is to utilize the least points and minimal time to achieve maximum benefits for my patients.

Here are some words from my patients:

"Mr. Zhang can perform Acupuncture without any needles, better effect, it is amazing"

"Mr. Zhang really has some magic needles"

"Mr. Zhang stops pain faster than any medication"

"Mr. Zhang like a magician. My pain disappeared in seconds".

"Mr. Zhang is the best out of the best"

Each patient is treated with excellent service and the utmost expertise.

I aim to put a smile on everyone's face and to improve the quality of your life.

Call Me to Make an Appointment

I am a provider for Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, BlueCross BlueShield, UnitedHeathCare, American Specialty Health

(HealthSpan Integrated Care, Providence Health Plan), Medicaid/Medicare and MCPs such as CareSource, Aetna, Molina, and more.

If you like to watch a YouTube video testimony, you can also visit, or see below:

Single Needle Technique

One needle addresses one syndrome. Over 300 syndromes can be treated by using the single needle technique. Most patients feel the effect within seconds. Check it out

Metal pellet for Back Pain

Are you afraid of needles? Try my needle free techniques such as Hand Patch Therapy (I am the founder), Cupping Therapy, and Micro-current. They are also very effective techniques. Check it out

Weight Loss and Others

Acupuncture can also work on many other syndromes which improve your quality of life. Weight control, Depression, Stress, Emotional issues, Acnes... ect. can be effectively controlled, reduced or eliminated. Read More

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